Now more than ever, we realize the value of travel and the importance of a seamless and pleasant experience from the first click to the safe arrival back home. After having carefully studied the hospitality and tourism industries throughout the world, we brought together our vast knowledge and experiences in hospitality, tourism, information technology, artificial intelligence and customer service to create the ideal travel platform. Recently launched by a team of innovative and professionals with diverse backgrounds, Vwayaj LLC is the future of travel that we are pleased to announce ... begins now.

Vwayaj LLC is not only a Travel & Hospitality Technology provider. We, with your trust and support, aspire to be a leader in developing the global travel industry, particularly in emerging markets. Our mission is simple: simplify travel for everyone - break away from the outdated practices and innovate to bring economic value and memorable experiences to all users.

To achieve our mission, we have developed innovative, robust and flexible tools that allow our partners to boost their business all the while providing their customers with the utmost quality of service. Our tools are already trusted and greatly valued by numerous tour operators and travel agencies throughout the world and we are confident that everyone that tries them will quickly recognize their value and excellence.

As we strive to offer our partners a variety of offers at the best rates, we are mindful that our negotiated rates in some regions of the world may be less competitive. In order to triumph over any local or global competition and attempt to continuously ensure the best value for our customers, we have developed, and will continue to develop, strategic alliances with major actors in the travel industry. 

We have strategically selected the Kingdom of Morocco as the location of our first office in Africa, in partnership with our exclusive representative for the MENA region: Vwayaj Services Africa